An Industry Leader in Merchandising Solutions

CART has a footprint in many of the largest retail chains including Big Box, Grocery and C Stores.
Dedicated and solution-oriented coverage with thousands of resources nationwide
Resource portal reporting for real-time client data
Robust IT integrations for more effective solutions for our clients
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At CART Solutions, client needs come first. We work with your preferences to customize reporting, billing, and services, getting you the information you need as often as you need it. We know that our flexibility is key to your success.


With our extensive reach and well-trained staff, we’re able to come to the rescue for last-minute emergencies or make long-term seasonal plans with you, whether it’s a planogram reset in a grocery store or a full layout in a specialty store: we can do it all, and solutions are our business.


CART Solutions has representatives throughout the United States: from Washington to Virginia, Florida to California; boutiques in huge cities and agriculture stores way out in the country and everywhere in between. If you need us, we’ll get there.


We take pride in being an industry leader and providing top-level merchandising staffing service for you, our valued customer, is key to our success… and to yours! 

The average American spends over $5000 in impulse buys each year.


In-store shopping accounts for over 80% of purchases, even for Millennials.


Sales from brick and mortar stores in the United States are expected to exceed $3 trillion in the last year.

81% of customers regularly discover and evaluate new products in-store.


Since the pandemic, customers have increased their likelihood of switching brands, with an increase of over 1/3.


Good promotional displays increase sales by nearly TRIPLE.